Heathside School

Beyond the Classroom


Heathside offers boarding for children from Year 5 (age 10) upwards at our High School. Families can choose boarding options for the term, each week or on a flexible basis. Some children board certain nights each week, others for a period when a parent is out of town for work.

Boarding provides families the choice and flexibility that suits busy working parents and their children, too. For many families, it saves time and stress on the daily commute and provides a safe environment before and after school.


The recently refurbished boarding house has separate boys’ and girls’ wings, each with their own common room. The light and airy bedrooms have bunk beds, desks and cupboards, an en suite toilet and a wash basin. Showers and baths are located on each corridor.

Children are free to bring home comforts with them including duvets and posters and toys if they wish so that their rooms really feel like their home away from home.

Common rooms are equipped with kettles, toasters and TVs so boarders can relax after a busy day. There is also a large, shared common room for socialising.  Access to the boarding wing is restricted during school hours, keeping school and accommodation separate and giving boarders a sense of homecoming at the end of the busy day.

The common areas are provided with child- friendly, supervised internet access which boarders are allowed to use before bedtime. They also use the common rooms for playing games, watching occasional TV or films and general socialising.

Clubs and Activities

Heathside has always focused on offering a well-rounded education.

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