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What Our Parents Say

Read some testimonials from some our Heathside parents.

Just wanted to tell you how happy the children are this year and how stimulated they are by the teaching. Thank you for all you are doing. I just thought it was important to tell you how happy the kids are, and so full of excitement to get to Heathside every day. AH Oct 2018
Thank you for providing our son with the wonderful opportunity to learn in such a great environment with fantastic teachers. Please please pass on our thanks to all his teachers. RP Dec 2018
None of us can believe how quickly our time in London has passed, and now that we’re back in California it feels like as though we’ve woken up from a pleasant dream. Our children have absolutely thrived at Heathside and you should feel incredibly proud of the community you’ve built around the school. I truly felt like we were part of an extended family, and one that we will miss deeply. RW Nov 2017
I want to thank you so much for everything you and the wonderful staff have done for our son over the last 3 years. You took a very frightened little boy away from the bullying at his previous school and brought back the lovely child we have today. EP Jan 2019
Thanks so much for providing such a wonderful nursery environment for our son, he has really thrived at Heathside and we are really sad to leave but will hopefully be back before too long! LS Jan 2019
Thank you for your updates, it’s great to see so many creative and constructive developments. And thank you for your unyielding dedication, drive and passion to provide the most wonderful learning environment for our children!

We are very grateful for your hard, innovative and creative work.
AG Dec 2018
My son had the most amazing day on Monday, I saw my son beam with confidence and excitement. You cannot imagine how much being at Heathside made him feel. His face was a picture and one I will never forget. RB Feb 2018
You have clearly created a brilliant school in which the kids are given the opportunity to thrive and prosper in their own ways, rather than in the regimented and cookie-cutter mould that seems to have become the norm in London.

We were really struck by the atmosphere you’ve generated – the whole place seemed so friendly and fun and exciting and relaxed, full of creativity, and individuality…to achieve that whilst simultaneously offering a great academic foundation seems to be a rare and wonderful thing.
SW Nov 2017
I thoroughly enjoyed the tour, and was extremely impressed with all aspects of the school, the set up generally, the buildings, the happy and relaxed atmosphere, the obvious happiness of the children, etc. DG Feb 2018
We have been over the moon with the love, care and nurturing from the staff and cannot rate the work of the teachers high enough. They are a credit to the school. SL Mar 2019


At Heathside, we are dedicated to supporting each student to develop into a confident independent learner.

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